After long walk and sightseeing it's time for you to relax and enjoy!

Belgrade genie prepared for you all places where you can take a rest and enjoy in your favorite drink, cake, food, or try something from Serbian kitchen and discover why all travelers call Serbian food a "soul food". And what is more interesting, let the Genie locate you and offer place around you, which probably you could not find. That is something what makes Belgrade different. Perfect places all around but you don't know they are there. Because we all want to enjoy in the center of the city and far away from the center.

For all of you looking for a place to party, Belgrade nightlife is famous and we prepared fresh and updated information about clubs and bars, so you can choose what is best for you.

After you call off the day and you didn't book a hotel, go in "sleep" section and search for one. All hotels and hostels are there!

Also you can here search for souvenir shops, shopping centers, casinos....



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