We gave our best to give you a perfect application for your stay in Belgrade. In other sections we walked you through the city, showing you most important monuments and sights, telling stories about them, pointing where you can grab a bite or go for a perfect lunch or dinner. Took you to the museums and theaters, showed you some nice art galleries, shops, offered the best cafes and bars, and opened the doors of the best clubs just for you. After all of that we put you to sleep in hotel or hostel by your taste.

But, this application would not be complete without a part that you rarely use, but when you need it it's the most important thing in the moment. Here you can find service information that can be very useful:

Hope you will never have to use this part of our App, but it is important for us to be with you even when some problem occurs. Directly from application you can call Ambulance, Police, ADAC service for your vehicle and computer and phone repair shop.

If you lost your passport, need some documents or something else from your embassy, this section is for you. We put all embassies you can find here in Belgrade, with their address and phone number, so just call it, or go there if you need their help.

Usually when you are in some foreign city it's hard to find place to rent-a-car or to call for taxi as you don't know a number or it's too late and there are no taxi around. We though on that also, so best taxi societies and rent-a-cars are here on your fingertip. But please note that when you place a call you will leave a Belgrade Genie app and you will have roaming telephone costs!!!

If your hotel or hostel does not offer wireless internet or you are walking around and you need a connection, here you can find some HOT SPOTS. Also please note that many cafes and bars offer WI-FI for free, so just ask waiter for pass code and tweet, blog or share your photos with friends!



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