Welcome to Belgrade!

Belgrade is one of the oldest European cities and we are proud to present you the first interactive travel guide for Belgrade and the only audio guide ever made for mobile phones. This travel guide is designed to introduce you with the city on one new and exciting way. The unique audio experience evoke authentic atmosphere from Belgrade past and take you few centuries back in the time when city was rising and showing you the most interesting periods in his past.
The most interesting events of Serbian capital and the largest city on Balkan with the history of the most important monuments are included in 11 unique stories with appropriate music background for the top tourist experience!

Belgrade genie is designed to set you free from all roaming costs and to adjust to all your needs. Audio stories are just one part of application that delivers you review of all the best hotels, restaurants, cafes, clubs, and all other information you might need.

We divided our tours in two sightseeing days, art&culture section and nightlife tour, so you can experience Belgrade like you deserve.

Day one
Day one covers places and monuments you must see during your stay in Blegrade. We prepared for you eight, the most important spots for all tourists and the places where you'll make your best photos. Just shake your phone!

Day two
Day two is for all of you having a little more time, to leave a city center and enjoy in more history and relax.

Art & culture
All museums, theaters and art galleries are now in your pocket on your mobile phone. Just choose what you prefer!

Nightlife tour
Yes...something what makes Belgrade famous....
Wine & dine - for easy night with excellent choice of restaurants with longer working hours.
Party - just choose one of the clubs we prepared for you
Hangover - we will show you why they call Belgrade No.1 nightlife place in the world.



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